Project Gulf Group is evolving into a multi-disciplined corporation with a diverse portfolio of activities ranging from IT, Business Consultancy, Business Management, Marketing, Landscaping, Interior Designs, Construction and General Contracting and Trading.

Project Gulf Group will lend project advisory services to the various operating divisions. Its mandate is to identify projects in synergy within the separate group’s divisional activities, to evaluate a project’s full potential, and to make it a reality, either as an extension of an operating division’s activities or as a separate joint venture.

The core business and principle activities of our group is hard to be broadly classified as it will consist of operating divisions, wholly owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and sponsored companies.

We aim to have an established a significant presence in the real estate, information technology, communication and contracting but to name some of the areas of business. Furthermore, we perform the vital role of a business incubator in the region supporting foreign companies with vital infrastructure, human and financial resources and market intelligence.

Project Gulf Group will create a team of financial, project management, business consultants and marketing professionals to lend and provide their expertise to all aspects of any project, playing the role of developer, reliable process technology identifier and/or project manager. 

Besides identifying market opportunities and assisting in developing appropriate marketing strategies, Project Gulf Group provides advice on local customs, laws and regulations which are critical to the success of any venture. Additionally, close contacts are kept with key government bodies and ministries to ensure all administrative details are handled with experience and efficiency.

Joint ventures are structured either through direct equity holdings or with management participation. Nevertheless, whether as a partner, sponsor or as a distributor, Project Gulf Group have the willingness and capability to help any company to establish an effective and profitable presence in the local markets where we operate.

Our corporate strategy is to enter into partnerships with distinct global companies to introduce new and innovative ideas. The partners of the group have a proven track record of ensuring that that there specialised areas are aligned with each of the groups companies and will help ensure that they can flourish within the local and regional context, by offering added value through their extensive regional and international network of contacts, vast knowledge and expertise in the region, leadership and direction. 

The Group’s goal is to create a balanced portfolio of local, regional and international investments to achieve high returns and spread risk through geographic and industrial diversification. Project Gulf Group is targeting opportunities in specific market sectors such as Hospitality, Technology, Communication, Real Estate, Energy, and Telecommunication.